"For the past four years, we have been blessed to be a part of the wonderful Alpha Nation youth program.  But Alpha Nation has always been so much more than just a youth program to us - it's been our second family.  With three boys playing football and one cheerleader - it's easy to say football season is a big deal in our household!  Our commitment is not just to this organization, but to each individual player.  We are so excited about the upcoming season and cannot wait to continue working with all of the amazing young athletes and their families!

-Jason & Liz

Alpha Dogs Youth Football


Alpha Dogs Football and Cheerleading provides our players, cheerleaders, coaches, and fans with a competitive football and cheer league that instills the values of leadership, sportsmanship, opportunity, and the expectation to WIN... on and off the field. 


The Alpha organization is committed to building CHAMPIONS and enhancing the lives of our youth through the game of football and cheerleading. We incorporate game knowledge, game speed, fundamentals, goal setting, and citizenship in all that we do.


We pledge allegiance to our flag


We pray and 


We Win!


Our athletes play with: 1) Determination 2) Grit and 3) The expectation of victory in every practice and game, but they are respectful and set the standard for sportsmanship


Our Coaches are extremely qualified and coach with: 1) Motivation, 2) Encouragement, 3) Discernment regarding the heart of the player, and 4) The expectation to win every down of every game.


Our fans are: 1) Loud 2)Proud 3) and addicted to winning, but they are respectful and accommodating to our competitors.


Our towns are our Rock and we are theirs.


We are Excellent, We are Champions and 



We are.........The Pride of Wake Forest & North Raleigh!


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