ALPHA Cheerleading

The Girls of Fall.​

Alpha Cheerleading is an organization that focuses on individuality as well as teamwork & spirit. We train our cheerleaders in character building on and off the field. In addition to supporting our football players on home and some away games, the goal of the program is to promote competitive cheerleading by teaching proper techniques in a safe environment. The cheerleading squad may compete in competitions during the football season, though not mandatory it is a fun and encouraged way to show off their talents. Come join the fun! 

Practices are

Tues and Thurs

from 6-7:30

Cheer Commissioner & Coach:

Taylor Hudson

A Message from Taylor:

Hello Wake Forest Alpha Dogs family! My name is Taylor Hudson and I am so excited and honored to become a part of this organization. I grew up in Wake Forest and love everything about this town. I am a HUGE football fan, have a passion for cheerleading and working with children. My cheerleading career started at age 5 and went through my senior year of high school. I had the pleasure of cheering in a community league, the Wake Forest middle and high school teams as well as the Wake Forest All-Star team for 6 years. Throughout my cheerleading career I was able to assist in coaching youth teams and absolutely loved it! I believe that is what pushed me to continue working with children even after I stopped cheering. I became a full time nanny for 3 years as well as a life guard that taught swimming lessons every summer. I am now working in more of an office setting and am thrilled at the opportunity to get back into working with children in a sport that I adore. I will admit it is partially because we get the best seats in the house for all the games, did I mention I'm a HUGE football fan? Mostly though, to teach children all of the wonderful things team sports taught me through the years. Thank you for entrusting me to guide and teach your children I cannot wait to make the Alpha Dog family proud!

-Taylor Hudson


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